The aforementioned short-reset, DA/SA trigger exhibited an average double-action pull weight of 9 lbs. 14 oz, with a stroke length of just under one inch, but with no perceptible creep or stacking. In single-action mode, pull weight averaged 4 lbs. 1 oz., with take-up of 1/4, then not a hair’s width of additional movement before the hammer fell. Trigger reset is, indeed, short, with the trigger fully resetting after only 1/8” of forward travel.

We tested the P227 Tactical from the bench at 25 yards using only the flush-fit 10-round magazine and no suppressor. Ammunition used for testing consisted of Hornady Critical Defense 185-grain FTX (1,000 f.p.s./411 ft. lbs.), Black Hills 185-grain Barnes Tac-XP +P (1,000 f.p.s./411 ft. lbs.)—both of which were used in testing our 2013 sample P227 Nitron—plus Sig Sauer’s new Elite Performance V-Crown 200-grain JHP (918 f.p.s./374 ft. lbs.). For reliability testing we put 100 rounds on our Salute Products steel plate targets with zero failures to feed, fire, extract or eject. The pistol was a joy to shoot, with perceived recoil and muzzle rise being minimal with all loads tested. We loved the tall sights, which we found to be a great aid in target acquisition when tracking from target to target.

Sig-P227-09From the bench, the P227 Tactical was obscenely accurate, and out-shot our 2013 Editors’ Choice Award P227 by a significant margin. The Hornady Critical Defense 185-grain FTX printed the smallest five shot group, measuring a mere 1.05” center to center, with the best three going into a single-hole, horizontal string 0.55” long. Second place went to the Sig Sauer Elite Performance V-Crown 200-grain JHP with a 5-shot group of 1.15”, with the best three  in a single hole measuring 0.50”. The Black Hills 185-grain Barnes Tac-XP +P put all five in 1.65”, with a best three of 0.55”. We attribute the nearly 50% improvement in accuracy over our 2013 sample P227 with the Hornady and Black Hills loads to the longer barrel, raised sights and sweet trigger. This was our first experience with Sig Sauer’s Elite Performance V-Crown, but it’s obviously got all the right stuff.

Like all SIG SAUER firearms, the P227 comes with a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Contact Sig Sauer, Dept. OT; Tel.: (603) 772-2302; Web: