Gum Creek Universal Vehicle Handgun Mount

Carrying a handgun in a motor vehicle is a proposition riddled with potential legal pitfalls. Most states consider a handgun inside a motor vehicle—whether loaded or unloaded—which is accessible to the driver or any passenger to be a concealed weapon, for which a concealed carry permit is required. Some states make an exception for handguns carried in a locked trunk which cannot be reached without exiting the passenger compartment. Bottom line, if you want to carry a handgun in your vehicle, make sure you know the laws of your state and get a concealed carry permit if the law so requires.

Gum Creek 3Assuming you’re now legal to carry a handgun in a motor vehicle, the next problem is figuring out where to put it. Choosing a place for it that is both secure and quickly accessible is never easy. The choices include carrying it on your person, shoving it between the seats, putting it under a seat or in a door storage space, or sticking it in a glove compartment or center console—none of which are particularly convenient, and most of which do not provide instant access. But now there’s another option—the Universal Vehicle Handgun Mount from Gum Creek ($34.95).

This handy accessory attaches to the underside of your steering column, holding a holster (not included) where its contents—pistol or revolver—can be reached by the driver in half a heart beat. One end installs directly into the gap below the steering column and the other end secures to the bottom of the dash or kick panel. Any common type of nylon or Kydex hip or outside-the-waistband holster can be used as long as it has a belt loop, belt clip or slots (paddle holsters are not recommended). With an internal metal support bar incorporated into the main frame, the Universal Vehicle Handgun Mount will support almost any small to large handgun without sagging or rotating on the steering column. The Universal Vehicle Handgun Mount is not firearm or vehicle specific—one size fits all. Made in the U. S. A., it is length adjustable from 6.75 inches to 16.50 inches, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. A Universal Vehicle Mount and holster combo is also offered ($49.95) in eight holster models that will fit pretty nearly any revolver or pistol you’ve ever heard of.

Gum Creek 2If your vehicle is one of the few that doesn’t have a gap under the steering column, you’ll need Gum Creek’s Universal Vehicle Mount Adapter ($4.95). This adapter bypasses the steering column gap attachment by wrapping around the entire steering column and buckling on top, and allows you to adjust the vertical position of the holster and mount on the steering column. A thin metal D-ring on the bottom of the adaptor strap provides a loop to hook the top of the Vehicle Mount to, as if it were the gap beneath the steering column. Pretty slick.

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