Real Avid’s New Hunting Cutlery and Tools


Great gear that won’t break the bank

Viscera KSReal Avid is in the business of creating cost-effective solutions for real world hunters and shooters. They currently manufacture almost eleven specialized tools and products for the AR-15 platform, three for the 1911 pistol, four for archery hunters, numerous cleaning kits for rifles, pistols and shotguns, thirteen knives and related cutlery products and a host of other useful tools and accessories for outdoorsmen (and women). All of the Real Avid tools and accessories we’ve tested over the years have been top quality designs at surprisingly affordable prices, that get the job done well and will endure a lifetime of field use. Here are six new Real Avid tools for the fall-hunting seasons we deem worthy of your consideration.

Viscera KS Field Saw & Knife Combo

Viscera Sheath (ALL)Featuring a non-slip, ergonomic, locking swing handle, the Viscera KS Field Saw & Knife Combo is a 1-piece saw and knife blade made from 440 stainless steel that rotates and locks into either position. The unused tool stows inside the handle, and rotates into position with a push of the locking button. The knife blade is a 3.75-inch drop point, and the 3.5-inch saw will make quick work of wood or bone. The Viscera 3-in-1 Field Dressing tool is identical except for the addition of a gut hook at the end of the saw. Both are priced at $39.99 and come with a ballistic nylon sheath.

Gutsall Gut Hook & Bone Saw
GutsAll-SheathAlso built on a full-tang blade made from 440 stainless steel, the Gutsall Gut Hook & Bone Saw combines a razor sharp gut hook with 180 degree cutting edge and a 3-inch bone saw into a single handy field dressing tool tool. The gut hook is shaped so it won’t clog up with hair, and will slice right through the thick winter coats of any large game animal. It features serrated thumb (top) and index finger (bottom) rests to insure you retain all your digits, ergonomic, non-slip, hunter orange handles and a lanyard hole at the heel of the handle. Priced at $19.99, it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath that covers everything forward of the handle.

Viscera Fixed-Blade Knife

Viscera FXThe Viscera fixed-blade hunting knife is designed with ergonomic, textured, non-slip grips to provide the ultimate in grip control even with cold, wet, blood covered hands. Its full tang blade is made from 440 stainless steel with a 4-inch drop point blade out front.Viscera Sheath (ALL) The handles is down turned at the heel to capture you little finger, and raised serrations in the stainless steel tang keep it there. Serrations are also cut into the top of the handle and blade to prevent your thumb from moving forward or rearward while cutting or caping. Priced at $29.99, it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop.

Winghunter Multi-Function Tool

WinghunterThe Winghunter Multi-Function Tool ($39.99) has everything upland, waterfowl and turkey hunters need. All four locking tools are made from 440 stainless steel, and include a 3-inch drop point blade, multi-purpose saw blade, universal choke tube wrench for .410 bore and 28-, 20-, 16-, 12- and 10-gauge choke tubes, plus a pin punch for field stripping shotguns. It features non-slip grips and comes with an innovative ballistic nylon case that can be worn on the belt, or unsnapped at the bottom and carried over the shoulder when transporting birds. Eight nylon web bird carriers with brass rings at the end deploy from the ends of the unfolded sheath, and can be stowed in inside storage compartments when not is use.

Revelation X4 Lighted Hunting Knife

Revelation X4 SheathWith the Revelation X4 lighted hunting knife there’s no more holding a flashlight in your teeth while field dressing game after dark. Powered by two CR2032 batteries (included) inside the handle, the Revelation X4’s four waterproof LEDs positioned in the front edge of the handle provide 20 lumens of illumination down both sides of the full-tang, 4-inch 440 stainless steel drop-point blade. Other features include a waterproof on/off switch, ergonomic, non-slip, TPR over molded handle and thumb serrations on the top rear of the blade. Priced at $39.99, it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop and Velcro retaining strap.

Shotgun Micro Tool

Micro Tools To ScaleThe Shotgun Micro Tool is a 17-function little gem that’s worth several times its $9.99 asking price—and that no shotgun hunter should be caught dead without. Made entirely from stainless steel, it comes on a key ring with nylon web strap. The tools include a rotating pin punch, line cutter, four hex wrenches (4mm, 5mm, 1/4” and 3/8”), optics windage and elevation adjuster, carabiner with locking latch, 1-inch ruler, bottle opener and a universal choke tube wrench for .410 bore and 28-, 20-, 16-, 12- and 10-gauge choke tubes. The Shotgun Micro Tool packs Magnum capabilities in a Micro package.

See all the new Real Avid hunting tools at your outdoor retailer, or contact Real Avid, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 286-0467; Web: