Benelli LUPO HPR

Benelli LUPO HPR ($2,949)

The name Benelli is synonymous with dripping quality, precision, and exquisite design. It comes as no surprise that its all-new LUPO HPR establishes itself in both form and function with its smooth lines and “walk-the-walk” performance with a 3/4-inch, 5-shot group accuracy guarantee. Benelli chambers the LUPO HPR in the most popular long-range cartridges (6.5 PRC, 6.5 CRD, .338 LM, .300 PRC, .300 WM, and .308 WIN), with barrel lengths ranging from 24 to 26 inches. This new LUPO offering combines a revolutionary custom-fitment stock system with a heavy-contour, straight-fluted CRIO barrel to deliver a long-range rifle that encompasses the attributes of a chassis rifle but with the svelte lines of a precision hunting rifle. This hybrid platform is at home chasing game across big open country, delivering the far-reaching accuracy of a competitive long-range custom rifle.

One of the most essential pieces of the puzzle when talking precision rifles is proper fitment to the shooter’s unique dimensions, and the LUPO HPR has this covered with a smart and highly user-friendly modular/adjustable hybrid stock system. Features include an 8-position comb height adjustment, interchangeable grip, stock spacers for LOP adjustment, and cast and drop shims to achieve optimal eye alignment behind the scope. There’s way more to the LUPO HPR than we have the space for here, so look forward to an in-depth review right around the corner. See it at your dealer, or for more information, contact Benelli USA; Tel.: (301) 283-6981; Web: