Sneak Peak

See a peek of articles in development before they hit the newsstand.

Real Avid’s AR-15 Master Armorer’s Kit

Real Avid’s new AR-15 Master Armorer’s Kit…everything you need to start building ARs. Look for a complete review in On Target’s upcoming AR Issue.

Mossberg’s Retrograde 500 & 590A1

Retro never looked so angry! Mossberg’s new fullsize Retrograde 500 and 590A1, and the short-barreled 590 Nightstick…look for a complete review on all of...

SIG Sauer’s P320 X-Five

SIG Sauer’s P320 X-Five…king of the polymer-framed target pistols? Look for it soon in an upcoming issue of On Target.

Windham Weaponry and Silent Legion

Windham Weaponry’s new 9” barreled .450 Bushmaster Thumper pistol and Silent Legion’s .450 Bushmaster/.458 SOCOM suppressor…a match made in big-bore heaven? Look for it...

Kimber’s new-for-2019 Micro 9 pistols

Kimber’s new-for-2019 Micro 9 pistols…check out these precision pocket pistols in On Target’s very next issue.

Walther’s CCP compact pistol

The latest evolution of Walther’s CCP compact pistol with SOFTCOIL gas technology, the M2 model, get’s a complete shakedown in On Target’s very next...