Best Of Shot Show 3 of 38: FN Military Collector Series

The “big gun” in FN America’s new Military Collector Series will set you back $7,999, but if you always wanted your very own belt-fed, M249 SAW—albeit a semi-auto-only version—here’s your chance. The new M249S is a carbon copy of the 5.56 NATO chambered M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon) that has become legendary among U.S. Army and Marine Corps troops operating in Sand Land for its reliability under adverse conditions, rate of fire and overall effectiveness. The only difference is that the M249S contains a semi-auto-only fore control group. If eight grand it a bit of a reach for you, how about a 20-inch barreled M16 or 16-inch barreled M4 (both $1,749). Again, these are semi-auto-only versions of the actual rifles supplied by FN America to U.S. military troops in all services. Check them out at your firearms retailer, or contact FN America, Dept. OT; Tel.: (703) 288-3500: Web: