Best Of Shot Show 7 of 38: Rock River Arms 1911 Pistols

Rock River Arms has reintroduced their once very popular, premium steel-frame 1911 pistols for 2016. Called the RRA-1911, the series includes eight custom 1911 pistols, all chambered in .45 ACP only, with forged, 5-inch, National Match slides and front and rear cocking serrations. They include the Basic Limited ($1,950), the Carry Pistol ($1,650), the CMP legal National Match Hardball ($2,550), the Tactical Pistol ($2,200), the Bullseye Wadcutter with RRA Bullseye Rib ($2,600), the Bullseye Wadcutter with RRA Slide Mount ($2,500), the Bullseye Wadcutter with Weigand Frame Mount ($2,600) and the all stainless steel Limited Match ($3,600). Each model has unique features, but all share Rock River’s legendary quality and performance.

RRA-1911-MatchSee them at your firearms retailer, or contact Rock River Arms, Dept. OT; Tel.: (866) 980-ROCK; Web: