LaserMax Spartan SPS-C-R Light & Laser

If you want a combination illuminator and aiming laser, you won’t do better than the new Spartan SPS-C-R ($175) with red aiming laser or SPS-C-G ($215) with green aiming laser. Our evaluation model was the Spartan SPS-C-R, but both models are identical except for the color of the laser beam. Capitalizing on the most visible wavelength in the color spectrum, the Spartan delivers 120 Lumens of ground breaking Mint Green LED light and quickly adapts to a multitude of rail platforms with its exclusive Rail Vise Technology mount. It packs vital target identification and target illumination capabilities into the smallest housing available today.

Powered by a single AAA battery, its easy to install and easy and quick to use. Both the laser and the Mint Green illuminator can be set for pulsing or constant-on operation, and can be activated individually or together by a single push with your trigger finger of the split electronic touch pads mounted on both sides just forward of the trigger guard. Other features include a preservation mode that automatically deactivates the laser after a ten minute period of inactivity and full adjustability for windage and elevation. Contact LaserMax, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 527-3703; Web: