Revolution Targets Portable Long-Range Torso Frame Target

Photos by Ben Battles

The best reactive, no-guessing long-range-target solution out there?

When the target’s 10-inch strike plate is struck, a bright-red 10-inch indicator plate swings down into view, giving instant and undeniable notification of a good hit at extended distances. A fun test of your timing and shot placement is to keep the target spinning until you run out of ammo.

There are few things in the shooting sports that are more fun than blasting away at reactive steel-plate targets. We use our stock pile of them all the time during reliability testing because of their ability to give us instant feedback. And, depending on how small the target is or how far away we place ourselves from it, they can also be a good gauge as to the gun’s mechanical accuracy. Plus, it’s just plain fun to shoot at auto-resetting, reactive targets compared to just blasting away at paper, and one company that’s building some of the smartest, most fun and well-built designs today is Revolution Targets.

To make sure your target is lubed up and spinning freely, the axle housing is drilled and tapped for a grease fitting; we’d love to see this done more often in the reactive-target world. Great welds, quality materials and smart engineering should keep this target in service for a very long time.

Revolution Targets, a subsidiary of Pendleton Safes, has just introduced a new Portable Long-Range Torso Frame Target designed for precision rifle shooting at extended ranges of 1,000 yards or more. This lightweight (compared to Revolution’s not-so-portable Heavy Duty line anyway meant, more or less, to stay put), portable, counterpart of the company’s Long-Range Torso Frame Target features a revolving, 10-inch-diameter reactive hit zone that automatically resets, with a bright red, long-range hit indicator that guarantees positive identification of your shots at extended distances. This red long-range Indicator spins with the target’s hit zone and comes into view whenever the hit zone is struck. The Portable Long-Range Torso Target, frame and all components are made from your choice of 3/8” thick AR500 armor plate we tested ($680), or 1/2” thick AR500 armor plate ($820). A replaceable 2×4 wood section serves as the upright, and one pre-cut section is included with each target. This upright not only serves to lighten the whole system, but also allows you to cut a section to the desired length in order to make vertical height adjustments of the plate.

For ease of transportation to and from your preferred shooting spot, the Portable Long-Range Torso Frame Target breaks down into three pieces; the target, the stand and the replaceable 2×4 wood upright. Need to change the height of your target? Simple, just break the saw out cut a new upright.

Revolution Targets makes a wide range of falling plate and torso targets that are fully revolving and auto-resetting and are built to military standards to handle constant punishment. We’ve been testing ours for about a month now, with an estimated 1,000-plus-rounds of .308 Winchester sent downrange at it, and other than a fresh coat of paint before each range session, it’s no worse for the wear. The Heavy Duty line is ideal for commercial ranges or for shooters with a dedicated shooting range for permanent set-up, but both lines share some very smart engineering. For more information contact Revolution Targets; Tel.: (770) 466-6181; Web: