Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0

The compact retains every feature of the 2.0 including the trigger. It shortens the barrel to 4 inches, while the grip is about .5 inches shorter, lowering capacity to 15 rounds. A spacer for use with 17-round magazines provides a flush fit if needed. Listed weight is about the same, the compact being 0.8 ounces lighter. Measured weight fully loaded (15+1 rounds), the compact weighed 32.2 ounces. By comparison, my M&P Pro Series weighs 32.4 ounces loaded (17+ 1). While the .25-inch shorter barrel will likely go unnoticed, the shorter grip can make a difference in concealment. Combined they provide what most consider the best compromise for ballistics, reliability, ease of operation and concealment.

Range Time

Accuracy was as good as any aftermarket barrels used in my other M&P 9 pistols. My best group at 25 yards was close to 1.5 inches using Hornady 135-grain +P ammunition. Proven several times during real world engagements, it’s becoming a favorite for agencies and concealed carriers alike. Soft shooting, it is accurate and reliable and designed from the ground up for carry. Very close in accuracy was the opposite end of the scale, Doubletap’s 115-grain Barnes TAC-XP at 1,300 FPS. It remained soft shooting and is excellent for off-duty or plain-clothes duty carry. Barnes TAC-XP bullets are some of the best you can use for just about any threat. Everything else was around 2 inches.

The M&P 2.0 Compact produced sub-two-inch five-shot groups at 25-yards with every load used during testing, but the best performance came with Hornady’s 135-grain FlexLock Critical Duty +P load, printing this 1.50-inch group.

The Compact 2.0 is very comfortable to shoot during long sessions with higher round counts. Using mostly Remington 115-grain FNEB Leadless ammunition it was downright comfy to shoot. I would not hesitate a second to use this in a 5-day pistol class. Texturing is aggressive enough to maintain solid control, but will not tear you up. Over the course of a couple thousand rounds it never missed a beat. Reliability is not an issue with the compact magazine, a newer factory 17 rounder with the extension, and even my years-old magazines with 10-8 performance base pads. Having the spacer is nice but not necessary.

Bottom Line

The M&P 2.0 Compact backed up its excellent downrange-precision with great shoot-ability and recoil mitigation, and anvil-like reliability. The author fitted his pistol with the excellent Apex Action Enhancement trigger kit and Trijicon’s day/night HD XR sights.

This is the best out-of-the box M&P Smith & Wesson has offered for concealed carry, off duty or duty use to date. Accuracy is as good as these pistols get, reliability is excellent, and the 2.0 upgrades are noticeable. Carry a full-sized magazine with a spacer for duty, swap out the shorter magazine for off duty or concealed carry. It fit in my duty holsters using the TLR-1 or Surefire X300. It’s about perfect for concealed carry, no loss in ballistic efficiency, a bit easier to conceal with 15+1 rounds of ammunition. For those using one pistol for most needs this is a fantastic choice. Use a light, or not, but either way if you are looking for a carry pistol you can fight with if needed the 2018 On Target Editors’ Choice Award winning M&P 2.0 Compact needs to be at the top of your list. Contact Smith & Wesson; Tel.: (800) 331-0852; Web:


Weight: 24 Ounces

Overall Length: 7.3 Inches

Barrel Length: 4 Inches

Frame: Polymer

Sights: White dot standard / Trijicon HD XR as tested

Magazine Capacity: 15+1 standard, 17+1 with Spacer

Retail Price: $569.00