Meopta Dichroic Reticle Technology with Battery-Free Illumination

Meopta has been producing high-end European optics for over 85 years. Their newest creation is the dichroic DichroTech coating that enables reticles in multiple color configurations to automatically adjust color tone and intensity in varying lighting conditions without the use of batteries. Initially available in their 30mm tube diameter 3-12×56 MeoStar R1 with first focal plane reticles, and R1r with second focal plane reticles, Meopta will offer many more DichroTech reticles in their riflescopes in 2019. DichroTech provides maximum contrast and visibility, enhancing target acquisition while improving shot placement. Meopta’s 4D DichroTech reticle with color-contrast enhancement features a 4-MOA red dot in the center of the reticle. The dot and crosshairs are activated by ambient light. The proprietary, light-sensitive dichroic coating appears bright red in daylight conditions but in lower light, depending on the background, the red changes to a light green for better contrast. Reticle color adapts for optimal visibility depending on available ambient light, while the center dot draws the eye to the point of aim. Unlike standard black reticles, the colored reticle is mostly transparent, allowing for a more complete field of view, particularly at higher magnifications. Both scopes are offered at $999.95 through March 31, but after that the sticker price jumps $200. Contact Meopta USA; Tel.: (800) 828-8928: Web: