BlackPoint Outback Chest Holster System

Backpacks, waders, heavy jackets and bib-top pants are just a few of the things that limit one’s ability to carry in belt-mounted holsters. In these instances, the user often stores the gun in his bag and hopes he can reach it if needed. Off-body carry is slow and prone to complications with the draw. Chest carry is a popular solution but traditional chest holsters are bulky and cumbersome The BlackPoint Outback Chest System’s sleek design and lightweight materials allow comfortable wear and quick, reliable draw. The retention holster is hand crafted from BlackPoint KYDEX, and the Blue Force Gear harness is made from proprietary ULTRAcomp material. Both are fully adjustable, light-weight, tough and comfortable. Other features include a Dynamic Bungee Strap that provides flexibility for movement, a Static Buckle Strap for easy on/off while providing an anchor point to draw the pistol and Shoulder Strap for height adjustment. Contact BlackPoint Tactical through their website at