2019 Editor’s Choice Award – BlackPoint Outback Chest Holster System

As of writing this, we’ve had approximately two months with our BlackPoint Tactical Outback Chest Holster—a mix between a Blackpoint KYDEX body and an ultra-strong Blue Force Gear harness made from their proprietary ULTRAcomp material—one thing we can confidently say is that we will NEVER go back to a hip-mounted OWB holster for our heavy hunting handguns. Not only has the Outback Holster removed the weight and pressure off our hip when we’re on the move (not to mention the need to keep pulling our pants up), we’ve had several instances where a hip-mounted handgun would have taken a brutal beating during slip ‘n falls while ascending and descending slippery, steep and rocky slopes. In our opinion, a chest-mounted holster protects the handgun better than any other means of carry, and—also in our opinion—the Outback is hands-down the best solution to date.

Where clothing, backpacks, tree stands and other gear and apparel obstacles can complicate your ability to draw your handgun, the Outback Chest Holster will securely hold your gun for an unobstructed draw no matter what you’re wearing or carrying. Available in both right- and left-hand versions, straps are fully adjustable, extremely light and very comfortable. The holster body is available in a ton of fitments (including revolvers) and color and/or camo options, and prices start at a reasonable $139.99. Check one out for yourself at www.blackpointtactical.com