Boyds Spike Camp Gunstock

Designed as an “essentials only” stock, Boyds new Spike Camp ($99 to $115, depending upon finish color) is available in all Boyd color schemes. It’s short (29.75 inches), light (2.5 lbs. average) and is available for most rifle makes and models. Forearm length is 8.5- to 11 inches, and length of pull is 13.5 inches. An optional rubber butt pad can be added. It features a short Monte Carlo comb, free-floated barrel channel for enhanced accuracy, comfortable and ergonomic thumbhole grip and sling swivel studs fore and aft. The Spike Camp is constructed of Boyds top-grade, laminated hardwood, dried to exacting specifications to ensure rigidity and stability, and sealed with a chemical-resistant finish for long-lasting durability in all conditions. Engineered to perfectly fit the gun, it’s tight where it needs to be, and loose where it need to be for superior performance. Contact Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks; Tel.: (605) 996-5011; Web: