RCBS Matchmaster Dispensing Scale

The new Matchmaster dispensing scale ($909) is the best thing ever to happen to precision handloaders. It has two modes: Match and Standard, and dispenses charges with 0.04-grain accuracy in Match mode. Entirely digital, everything from dispenses speed to powder grain size and shape can be selected. And it’s fast! Thanks to its large and small diameter dispensing tubes—which work together—a tuned Matchmaster in Match mode can dispense 38.5 grains of H4350 in seven only seconds. A new quick-drain feature permits no-spill emptying of the one-pound capacity hopper when changing powders. We loaded 200 rounds of .223 Rem. using three different bullets weights and three powders of differing grain shapes and sizes, and never saw a charge vary by more than 0.02 grains. Charge weights were checked on a scientific-quality balance-beam scale to verify accuracy. See it in action on the RCBS YouTube channel, or contact RCBS; Tel.: (800) 533-5000; Web: www.rcbs.com