Nighthawk VIP Agent 2

Nighthawk VIP Agent 2 ($8,500)

Building on the tremendous success of its Agency Arms collaborative pistols, Nighthawk has cranked the dial to eleven with old-school James Bond levels of luxury, heirloom collectability and of course, high functionality. To achieve such a status, a cocktail of industry leading manufacturers must be shaken together, but certainly not stirred. Doug Turnbull added a shot of his unique flavor to the pistol, who’s craftsmanship and fine detail speak for themselves. A case hardened and polished frame is paired with a charcoal blued slide, matching the handguns controls. Custom mammoth ivory grips encase the grip frame, while an 18K solid gold bead front sight adorns the business end of the slide. Nighthawk meticulously crafted and fit all components, while a healthy splash of Agency Arms style is unmistakable. Although the VIP Agent 2 isn’t for everyone; those with the means will be rewarded with a pistol that is exceptionally refined, but also knows how to party. For more information contact Nighthawk Custom; Tel.: (877)268-4867; web: