Bushnell Fusion Rangefinding Binoculars


Bushnell Fusion Rangefinding Binoculars ($700)

In an effort to reduce the complexity and number of items brought afield by hunters and shooters, dual use items are becoming hugely popular. Two such items that we’re seeing combined on the regular are the rangefinder and binocular, hence the name Rangefinding Binoculars. This is one of those products that may have you scratching your head as to why they’re aren’t more popular. Your confusion would not be unfounded — the manufacturing complexities and subsequent cost have reserved this technology for those with more “flexible” budgets. But, like everything else technology driven, not only will the cost eventually come down, these products also tend to shrink in size.

Bushnell is now combining its superb ranging accuracy and advanced optics technology to produce the Fusion X 10X42mm Ranging Binocular — a, relatively speaking, affordable marriage of rangefinder and binocular. Their HDOS, or High-Definition Optical System, provides optimum viewing clarity, while their one-of-a-kind ActivSync Display means the digital ranging readout is always crystal clear. Rangefinding capability is about one mile, and the unit’s low-light performance is very good thanks to multicoated lenses and BK7 prisms. If we were to purchase just one new hunting product this year, it would be rangefinding binoculars. For more information contact Bushnell; Tel.: (800)423-3527; Web: www.bushnell.com