N8 Tactical Announces Xecutive IWB Holster

N8 Tactical Announces Xecutive IWB Holster


SPRINGFIELD, MO – N8 Tactical, an innovative holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all day, everyday carry, is pleased to announce availability of the all-new Xecutive IWB holster.

The N8 Tactical design team developed the Xecutive holster to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of serious EDC practitioners and the firearm configurations they deploy for personal defense. Given the increased use of micro red dot sighting systems with co-witness or suppressor-height open sights as well as the need for multiple options depending on changing apparel needs and carry scenarios, user-customization and maximum compatibility were key design goals of the Xecutive holster.

Built around a firearm-specific, single-piece Kydex molded pocket, the Xecutive holster features an optic-compatible cut and generously proportioned sight channel along the spine to accommodate most red dot optics and elevated front open sights to ensure smooth drawing and reholstering. The Xecutive can also be used for handguns without optics and those sporting standard-height open sights, making the holster “scalable” for custom firearm configurations.

Continuing the user-customizable theme are tension adjustment and clip style and location options. While the holster pocket is precisely molded for positive firearm retention, dual Chicago screws and rubber pillars allow the user to easily increase or decrease holster tension on the handgun to achieve the optimal balance of security and draw effort.

The Xecutive holster is configured for independent adjustment of cant and height. Simply remove the clip attaching hardware and the clip can be pivoted fore, aft, or level to achieve the desired cant, or the clip can be raised or lowered to achieve a “high ride” or a “deep concealment” position inside the waistband. The Xecutive accommodates both appendix and strong side carry.

For maximum comfort and concealment, the Xecutive features a smooth body side profile to minimize or eliminate uncomfortable pressure and pinch points. Furthermore, the holster accepts an optional Mod Wing to reduce printing and to maintain a close-to-body fit.

The N8 Tactical Xecutive IWB holster is compatible with a lengthy list of popular carry handguns from such manufacturers as GLOCK, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Taurus, S&W, Walther, Ruger, and “rail-less” 1911s with 4- and 5-inch barrels. Additional models will follow. The holster also comes with a “Two-Week, Try it Free Guarantee” and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

To learn more about the Xecutive IWB holster or to see the full line of N8 Tactical holster solutions, visit N8Tactical.com.

About N8 Tactical:

N8 Tactical is a holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all-day carry, every day. Driven by a community of new concealed carry owners, N8 Tactical offers some of the best holsters and concealed carry accessories for today’s modern pistols and revolvers. As of January of 2020, MTC Holsters, LLC., the parent company of CrossBreed Holsters, purchased N8 Tactical and moved the company to its headquarters in Springfield, MO. For more information about N8 Tactical products, please visit, https://n8tactical.com or call 888-732-5011.

About MTC Holsters:

MTC Holsters was founded in January 2020, the parent company of CrossBreed Holsters, N8 Tactical, and Magna-Arm, with the goal of developing functional, dependable, and comfortable American-made products for the fast-paced concealed carry market. MTC Holsters guiding principles are to provide the best service to concealed carry consumers while supporting 2nd Amendment rights and firearms heritage. To learn more about MTC Holsters, please call 888-732-5011.