Crossbreed The Chest Rig

Chest holsters—especially for portly handguns—make a ton of sense for hunting or backcountry use, as they take the weight off of your hips, can help to counteract the weight of a backpack, and it doesn’t get in the way of anything (like thick-padded waist straps on your pack, etc.) There are currently some really good options out there, but one of our new favorites, and one of the (if not “the”) most comfortable we’ve used to date, is Crossbreed’s new “The Chest Rig” holster ($149.95), available for today’s most popular handgun models.

In typical Crossbreed fashion, the holster portion is made from a durable, tension-adjustable Kydex fixed to a premium-leather backer. The difference this time is that the backer receives a layer of soft and breathable perforated suede sewn on where the holster contacts the body—a very nice touch. Extra-wide straps are comfortable and help spread the weight, and they intersect on the backside via another leather/perforated suede panel. A durable metal buckle makes the primary connection and release point, and the rig is fully adjustable on all three axes. Available in black cowhide or Founder’s brown (shown) and both right and left draw, if you’re thinking about chest carry, you’ll most certainly want to check out Crossbreed’s Rig. See it at your dealer or for more information contact Crossbreed Holster; Tel.: (888) 732-5011; Web: www.crossbreedholsters.comBen Battles