Federal Force X2 ($23)

Given the advancements in bullet technology in the recent past, buckshot has largely remained unchanged over the last 100 years. Federal decided 2021 was the year buckshot would change forever and has released its new Force X2 Personal Defense 12-gauge 00 Buckshot load. It’s a winner.

The secret to this new technology is Federal’s all-new, high-performance Force X2 splitting buckshot. Upon impact, nine buckshot pellets separate and break into up to 18 pellets, dumping more energy and doubling traditional wound channels to deliver the greatest terminal performance of any buckshot load currently available. To top it off, the Force X2 proved relatively soft-shooting, and when fired out of our Remington 870 Police pump, very accurate and with consistent spread. Pick some up at your nearest dealer, or for more information contact Federal Premium; Tel.: (800)379-1732; web: federalpremium.com — Bill Battles