2022 Editors’ Choice Award Winning MDT GRND-POD Bipod

2022 Editors’ Choice Award Winning


Strange and confusing name —awesome product. MDT is a known quality when it comes to producing innovative and highly functional precision rifle products, and the GRND-POD bipod ($199.95) is no exception. It’s been interesting for us to watch the evolution of bipods in recent years. One brand, in particular, had the market seemingly cornered for decades. Then a rush of good, then better clawed their way into the market thanks to input from technical precision rifle shooters that shot their rifles in places other than a bench at the gun club.

The GRND-POD is very capable on the flat range but really excels when used afield. Afield means adapting to uneven terrain, providing adjustability without compromising stability, being lightweight but not fragile, adaptable without being complicated, and purpose-driven but not too niche. So, what do you get? ARCA or Picatinny compatibility for around a pound or less, carbon fiber legs and a robust 6061-T6 aluminum core with high-strength polymer buttons, leg height adjustability from 4.5 to 9 inches, 30-42 degrees of cant, and a variety of leg locking positions, just to name a few features. The GRND-POD just might be the best field bipod currently available in its very-reasonable price range, and for that reason, it is Editors’ Choice Award-winning. For more information, contact MDT; Tel.: (604) 393-0800; Web: mdttac.com — Chris Mudgett.