Sig Sauer P320 XTEN


    Sig Sauer P320 XTEN

    By: Guy Coursey

    The backcountry bruiser of the P320 line

    The Sig P320 XTEN is the latest in the hugely successful line of P320-type self-defense and competition pistols from Sig Sauer. As the name suggests, the XTEN is chambered in 10mm, being the first P320 in that caliber, with the only other 10mm Sig being a P220. The 10mm itself has a relatively recent and interesting history, being developed in the aftermath of the infamous Miami FBI shootout of 1986, where the 9mm of the day was determined to be an inadequate fight stopper. The FBI was briefly equipped with the 10mm, but being a bit too hot for many agents, it eventually led to the 40 S&W cartridge, which itself has given way to improved 9mm self-defense loads. The 10mm was moribund for a few decades but, as of late, has enjoyed a resurgence, particularly for hunting and predator defense. This, in turn, has led to the development of new 10mm pistols based on existing platforms. Enter the Sig P320 XTEN.

    If you opt for the factory-equipped ROMEO2 optic, you’ll get the taller X-Ray3 Tritium night sights for a co-witness sight picture. The 3 MOA ROMEO2 is unique in that it can be configured as an enclosed or open emitter by running the optic with or without the metal protective hood with rear window.

    Those familiar with the Sig P320 (and who isn’t?) will feel right at home with the Sig P320 XTEN. The heart of the pistol is the full-size polymer X-Series frame, nicely stippled, with a deep undercut trigger guard, ambi-capable mag release, and an M1913 rail forward. The trigger is the XSeries straight model, which is arguably the best factory striker-fired trigger out there. As with all P320s, the fire-control unit can be easily removed for cleaning, replacement, or exchange into most other P320 frames. The stainless steel Nitron ion bonded slide has the usual angled grasping grooves front and rear and is equipped with excellent Xray-3 night sights. It is also cut for an optic, in this case, direct milled for a Sig’s ROMEO series of mini red-dots, but capable of taking an RMR with a plate. The ROMEO2 used for testing is unusual in that it can be either an open or enclosed emitter, depending on if the user wants to install its metal protective hood with a rear window.

    If you’re familiar with the standard P320, your hands will feel right at home wrapped around the outstanding ergonomics, excellent stippling treatment, large ambidextrous controls, and flat-faced trigger of the upsized XTEN model. The pistol ships with two 15-round magazines.

    Though similar in size and weight to its brother in 9mm, the XTEN feels a tad larger and is heavier, weighing in at 33 ounces empty, with an OAL of 8.5 inches and a height of 5.6 inches. The barrel is also a bit longer at five inches to better take advantage of 10mm ballistics. The P320 XTEN comes with two 15-round steel mags in a typical Sig plastic case. Tip: just go with 14 rounds. Your thumbs will thank me.

    With wide and flat webbing to distribute the load of the heaviest of handguns, the Gunfighters Inc. Kenai chest holster was designed with all-day comfort in mind. Its buckles are located forward of the torso so as to not interfere with pack straps, which also makes dawning and removing the holster an easier task. A harness-mounted mag pouch is an additional option — check them out at

    Shooting the 10mm is an acquired taste. Developed with extra power and penetration in mind, recoil can be punishing even in a large handgun, especially if you are used to shooting something smaller. The Sig XTEN makes it more manageable thanks to the combination of its ergonomic frame and superlative flat-faced trigger, which broke consistently at a light 4.5 pounds with about 1/4 inch of take-up and minimal reset. With the balance of the XTEN weighted forward, recoil was expectedly stout but manageable, with follow-up shots relatively quick. This is not insignificant when accosted by large four-legged (or two-legged) predators. Reliability was perfect and accuracy excellent, coming in centered at an inch at 15 yards and offset a bit under two inches at 25 yards for 5-shot groups with S&B 180gr FMJ. In This author’s opinion, the Sig P320 XTEN is arguably the best of the bunch compared to its closest rivals. If you are looking to get into handgun hunting or carry something into the backcountry that isn’t a long gun but has a reasonable chance of dropping big game, the Sig 320 XTEN is worth a very hard look. See it at your nearest dealer ($879.99 or $1,649.99 with a factory-mounted ROMEO2 red dot), or for more information, contact Sig Sauer; Tel.: (603) 610-3000; Web:

    The XTEN is a tad larger and heavier than the full-size 9mm P320, which is a good thing when launching hotrod 10mm cartridges. With a forward-weighted bias, muzzle rise is mitigated to some degree, making for fast follow-up shots. The outstanding trigger doesn’t hurt either.


    Action:                                    Striker fired

    Caliber:                                  10mm Auto

    Barrel Length:                        5 inches

    Weight:                                  33 ounces

    Capacity:                               15 + 1 rounds

    MSRP:                                   $879.99 to $1,649.99

    15 and 25-yard performance from the P320 XTEN was very good and very consistent. Reliability was 100 percent throughout testing.