2023 Editor’s Choice Award – Safariland INCOG X IWB Holster

Safariland INCOG X IWB Holster

Concealed Carry holsters, especially those designed for appendix inside the waistband (AIWB), are extremely subjective. Body types, types of guns, accessories, and where the carry rig is stuffed in the appendix region all contribute to what makes a great rig and what makes a bad one. We swear, it’s pretty apparent the creators of many of the holster designs out there do not regularly carry a pistol; had they, their holsters would undoubtedly be designed much differently.

Enter the INCOG. The INCOG is the brainchild of Travis Haley at Haley Strategic Partners, who does conceal carry a pistol every day and is well aware of what constitutes a good holster, and a bad one. What you get is an ergonomic, mission-adaptable, RDS compatible, multi-positional, deep concealment IWB hybrid thermomolded holster that feels as though it conforms to your body while staying ridged in all the right ways. A microfiber suede wrap improves next-to-skin comfort, while the Boltaron (plastic) body offers strength, shape, and resistance to abrasion.

The Incog X is adjustable for various carry positions while allowing for a full firing grip prior to draw, a feature many competitors overlook. A clip strut design adapts to different carry positions by using swappable concealment shims that can be easily installed or removed without tools. An actuated finger tab flexes for quick installation and removal from the belt, making it easy to don or remove. An optional mag caddy attaches directly to the holster body. Lastly, the Incog offers adjustable tension for a snug handgun fit and is available in standard and light-bearing options. We’ve found the INCOG X to be a breath of fresh air in the category of holster development, one we don’t feel inclined to modify with a Dremel or belt sander. For these reasons and more, we find the Safariland INCOG X ($90-$120) worthy of a 2023 Editor’s Choice Award. See one at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Safariland Group; Tel: (800) 347-1200; Web: www.safariland.comChris Mudgett