B&T USA Hush Puppy

B&T USA Hush Puppy ($2,700)

Lurking deep within the shadows is B&T’s latest purpose-built pistol/suppressor system. For those familiar with the original Welrod pistol — and B&T’s own VP9 and Station Six pistols — the Hush Puppy Glock 19 is the latest iteration of a pistol destined to fulfill highly specialized mission sets. Where the Hush Puppy differs from its bolt-action pistol predecessors is in its semiautomatic functionality, red-dot capability, and LAM mounting options. With the flip of a switch, operators can lock the pistol’s slide closed for the lowest sound signature possible while also preventing the ejection of a spent case. Flip the switch upward, and the pistol will be a fully functional semiautomatic Glock 19.

The unique Hush Puppy suppressor is designed to meet the demands of those requiring a concealable 9mm suppressor that offers an excellent sound-reduction-to-size ratio. At just three inches in length, the Hush Puppy suppressor does not require a booster or Impuls device to function reliably, and it utilizes user-replaceable wipes for the greatest level of performance possible in such a small package. An ablative material, such as ultra-sonic or wire-pulling gel, can be added between the wipes to further increase this suppressor’s performance, should the mission dictate. The pistol comes as shown and ships in a custom case with laser-cut foam, 100 rounds of specialty ammunition, and tools. For more information contact B&T USA; Tel.: (813) 653-1200; Web: https://bt-usa.com