Best Of Shot Show 13 of 38: Alliant Reloder 16 Powder

The new Reloder 16 is designed to deliver repeatable long-range accuracy at any temperature you dare to hunt in. It accomplishes this world-class temperature-extreme consistency using TZ technology that manipulates the response of the material and resists its natural tendency to generate more pressure at higher temperatures and less pressure at lower temperatures. Reloder 16 is made in Sweden for Alliant, and the formulation contains no harmful DNT or DBP. Its burn rate is slightly faster than that of Reloder 17 and well within the 4350 burn speed band, making it ideal for traditional hunting cartridges like .30-06 Springfield and .270 Win. It also contains a proprietary de-coppering additive to prevent build up of copper fouling in barrels. Reloder 16 is available in 1-pound bottles and 8-pound canisters.

See it at your firearms retailer, or contact Alliant Powder, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 379-1732; Web: