Best Of Shot Show 14 of 38: CCI Copper-22 .22LR Ammunition

Designed specifically for hunting or shooting in the Democratic Peoples Republic of California—or anywhere else that does not permit the use of lead bullets—CCI’s new Copper-22 .22LR ammunition is loaded with a 21-grain hollowpoint bullet manufactured from a unique blend of copper particles and polymer, compression formed into a bullet. CCI states a muzzle velocity of 1,875 f.p.s., but does not specify test barrel length, so we assume it takes a rifle length barrel to achieve that speed. CCI also claims that Copper-22 is extremely accurate, which we have no reason to question because most CCI ammunition is. A box of 50 rounds retails for $10.99.

See it at your gun shop, or contact CCI Ammunition, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 379-1732; Web: