Best Of Shot Show 29 of 38: ATEi Hybrid

For many the Glock 19 is the ultimate carry gun, but many fans of the Smith & Wesson M&P have been looking to change that thinking. This was the motivation for Cole Partners to team up with ATEi, a top S&W customizer, to create the Hybrid. The Hybrid consists of a replacement guide rod and a rail extender. By adding these items to your existing slide, you can use an M&P9 or 9L slide on the smaller M&P9C frame. A Longer sight radius, plus longer barrel, equals more accurate shots at greater distances and increased bullet velocity. When attached to a smaller frame, the gun is often easier to conceal than it’s full-size counterpart. If you can field strip and clean an M&P, you can quickly install a ATEi Hybrid without any permanent modification. That ability to swap slides from gun to gun instead of cutting a larger gun down has fueled demand for this product since its release. At this writing the Hybrid is available through ATEi exclusively for $125, but will be available through firearms dealers in the future.

Call ATEi at (313) 388-8228, or order online at