IWI Tavor X-95

For 25-and 50-yard testing the Trijicon MRO red-dot optic was used, but stretching test out to 100 yards, the author used a US Optics SR-6 1.5-6x scope for a more precise sight picture.


Caliber/Gauge:          5.56mm NATO

Barrel:                        16.5 Inches

OA Length:                26 Inches

Weight:                      7.96 pounds

Sights:                        Optics rail/built in BUIS

Stocks/Grips:             Factory polymer/pistol grip convertible (closed grip used)

Action:                        Semi-Automatic/Rotating Bolt/Long Stroke Piston

Finish:                        Black Polymer (also available in OD green and FDE)

Capacity:                    Accepts standard AR 15/M16 magazines

Price:                          $1999.00


Load                                                                      Velocity             Accuracy

Black Hills 69-grain TMK                                            2,800                1.30”

Black Hills 60-grain VMAX                                          2,850                1.00”

Hornady 75-grain 5.56mm NATO                               2,825                1.35”

Black Hills 77-grain TMK                                            2,650                1.50”

Nosler 64-grain Bonded SP                                        2,750                1.40”

Velocity measured in feet per second by a Pro Chrony Digital chronograph. Accuracy is the average in inches for three 5-shot groups at fired at 100 yards. Groups fired from prone using a sandbag rest.