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Trijicon HD XR Night Sights

The new HD XR night sights from Trijicon are the next evolution of the company’s original HD night sights. Night sights are indispensable in low light situations, but they’re useless in complete darkness unless you can also illuminate your target with white light. As a result, any self-defense pistol likely to be used in complete darkness should be equipped with both. That being said, traditional tiny-front-dot night sights can compromise sighting during daylight conditions, but not HD XR night sights. They have a huge orange or yellow ring surrounding the front-sight tritium capsule for fast front sight acquisition and enhanced target identification and engagement at increased distances. A thinner front sight post allows shooters to have a larger field of view which further enhances the ability to identify targets, expedite engagements and see the location of hits at longer ranges. HD XR night sights ($175 for front/rear set; $99 front sight only) are available for most pistols from FN USA, Glock, H&K, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson (including the M&P 2.0) and Springfield Armory. See them at your gun shop, or contact Trijicon, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 338-0563; Web:

Sig Sauer’s new 9mm FMJ loads

Sig Sauer has expanded its 9mm full metal jacket (FMJ) Elite Performance Ammunition offerings with the addition of 124-gr. and 147-gr. bullet weights. With these new rounds, Sig ammunition customers now have three 9mm bullet weights—115-, 124- and 147-gr.—available in both the V-Crown jacketed hollow point (JHP) personal defense ammunition and FMJ target loads. The perfect combination of affordability and performance, Sig FMJ ball ammunition is designed to approximate the performance of corresponding JHP loads, making a seamless transition from target ammo to carry ammo. Copper-coated, lead FMJ bullets in were engineered to have the most precise, uniform profile, resulting in consistent accuracy. “SIG FMJ ammunition is designed specifically for practice and competition shooting, and given the sheer popularity of the 9mm caliber, expanding the FMJ line to mirror the V-Crown offerings was an important next step,” said Dan Powers, President of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division. “These premium target rounds feed as smoothly as our V-Crown JHP rounds and perform and feel almost identical to the V-Crown loads when shooting, making them ideal practice rounds.” All Sig Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured at its new ammunition facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas. For more information, contact Sig Sauer, Dept. OT; Tel.: (603) 610-3000; Web: