Mossberg Patriot Revere Rifle

The Mossberg Patriot Revere Rifle is among the best looking, Premium walnut stocked, bolt-action rifles you’ll find today. Other standard features include a crowned muzzle, a 1-inch Mossberg ventilated rubber recoil pad and sling swivel studs fore and aft.

The Mossberg Patriot Revere Rifle is a beautiful piece, and if it shoots up to its potential will prove to be a gem of a hunting rifle. During testing we put our sample .308 Win. Patriot Revere Rifle through its paces and found it wanting in no regard. We experienced no failures to feed, fire, extract or eject, and the detachable box magazine always inserted and could be removed without fanfare.

Great looks, great price, great performance…that’s the Mossberg Patriot Revere in a nutshell. With 3/4 MOA precision an honest and reasonable goal, confidence in our equipment is something we’d never question with this rifle.

We’ve found that Mossberg bolt-gun’s just plain get it done in the downrange-precision department, and the Patriot Revere handily held up this tradition. Testing with loads from Black Hills, Hornady, Federal and Remington—ranging from 150 to 175 in grain weight—our test rifle proved capable of MOA accuracy at 100-yards with all but one. It’s favorite load (which also has a reputation as a proven performer with us) proved to be Black Hills’ 168-gr. A-Max load, printing a 0.75-inch 3-shot cluster. We call that backing up great looks with great performance.

See the highly competent and lovely looking Patriot Revere Rifle at your firearms retailer, or for more information contact O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.; Tel.: (203) 230-5300; Web: