Hornady .260 Remington 130-Grain ELDM Ammo

By Dave Bahde

While 6.5 Creedmoor rules the 6.5 market these days, many still prefer the .260 Remington. If you are using long VLD bullets and detachable magazines, the Creedmoor can be advantageous, but factory ammunition loses velocity to the .260—as much as 100 f.p.s., more at times. Stick to bullets in the 130-gr. range and the .260 functions perfectly in box magazines, maintaining higher velocity. Hornady’s ELD (Extra Low Drag) match ammunition is one of the best, until recently available only in Creedmoor. Their introduction of the 130-grain ELD match in .260 Remington has offered a fantastic choice for this caliber.

Hornady’s ELD Match bullets are fitted with a Heat Shield tip to ensure in-flight uniformity at high velocity and repeatable precision at long range. This 130-grain .260 Remington load has become the author’s preffered load for competition, and offers benefits above and beyond the now wildly-polpular 6.5 Creedmoor load.

Hornady’s 130-grain ELDM has a Doppler established G7 BC of .255, excellent for long range. Published velocity is 2,840 f.p.s. from a 24-inch barrel. Measured velocity from my 26-inch Proof Research Barrel (Surgeon Scalpel) is 2,900 f.p.s., confirmed at 1,308 yards. Using the 20-inch barrel in the Modern Outfitters MC7, the confirmed velocity is 2,780 f.p.s.. ELD Match bullets use a Heat Shield tip that eliminates deformity at high velocity and long range. Match cases are carefully selected for consistency, while powders are chosen for consistent velocity, optimal pressure and excellent accuracy. Extremely tight tolerances insure lot-to-lot consistency. Hornady match ammunition is not only some of the most accurate and consistent factory ammunition, it is priced competitively, making it a realistic choice for most shooters.

Used at my last PRS League match, this ammunition was consistent for elevation out to 800 yards, holding well under sub-MOA to that range. Confirmed on my home range to 1,600 yards, it is consistent and stable through the transonic and into the subsonic ranges. Used in several bolt rifles, it has never suffered tight chambers or malfunctions of any kind. Standard deviation measured using a Magneto Speed chronograph is often in the single digits. Fired through my Modern Outfitters MC7 Semi-Auto, it produces sub-half-MOA groups, 1 MOA groups at 300 yards, and consistent hits to 1,000 yards on 12-inch steel targets. It remains my go to 6.5mm ammunition for competition. If you are looking for true match consistency and accuracy in factory ammunition for your .260 Remington Hornady’s 130-grain ELD Match needs to be at the top of the list. Contact Hornady Manufacturing, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 338-3220; Web: www.hornady.com