Luth-AR MBA-3 Carbine Stock

By Dave Bahde

Over the last few years carbines have shed weight where possible. Forged receivers and handguards are as strong the originals and half the weight. Barrels, components and accessories are all lighter. Stocks are no exception and can add considerable weight, especially if you want adjustability. Adjustable stocks can be very heavy, requiring a compromise when used for optics. Luth-AR has taken a different approach, offering what may be the best of both worlds.

After securing the stock in your preffered buffer-tube position, a fully-adjustable buttplate lets you dial in a precision length-of-pull adjustment. A curved, adjustable cheekpiece gives one-inch of vertical travel to dial in your perfect line-of-sight for the host optic/rifle combination. The MBA-3 is compatible with both Mil-Spec or Commercial 6-position-adjustable AR buffer tubes. A Picatinny-rail section on the bottom allows attachment of a monopod for long-range-precision shooting stability.

Randy Luth , the owner of Luth-AR is a long time competitor and AR builder. As the founder and previous owner of DPMS rifles, he has decades of experience with carbines. Luth-AR stocks are among the lightest available. Using AR buffer tubes for attachment they work on many rifles. When outfitting my 3-gun AR, and competition AK the MBA-3 ($208.90 to $209.90 in black or FDE for the AR-15 platform with commercial or Mil-Spec buffer tube; $237.90 to $238.90 with same specs for the AR-10 platform) seemed the choice. Adjustable for length of pull it adds an inch of cheek rest height accommodating optics use. Weighing in at a mere 18.5 ounces it keeps my rifles handy, yet solid. Easy to install, it’s easy to adjust on the fly, providing weight savings without sacrificing usability.

Weighing in at a mere 18.5-ounces but still ultra-durable, the Luth AR MBA-3 Carbine Stock is an excellent option for those not wanting to pay a weight penalty but still need a full range of adjustment. Buffer-tube mounted, they can be fit to any standard AR-pattern rifle, or any other platform that a buffer tube can be adapted to.

Initially installed on my Primary Weapons 16-inch carbine, it was used as a test platform for suppressors and muzzle devices. Numerous demonstrations and a few classes subjected it to quite a bit of abuse. When it came time to have Joe Firearms build my ideal self-defense/competition AK74, it was the perfect choice. Optimized to be fast, light, and user friendly the Luth-AR MBA-3 installed easily allowing me to use an red-dot, optic or iron sights without changing stocks. Light, it keeps this carbine comfortable and handy. Removing the but pad kept the length of pull short. It has seen use with several red-dot sights, an EOTech 1-6X optic, even Leupold’s D-EVO side mounted optic. If you want an AR stock that remains strong and light without compromising features, contact Luth-AR; Dept OT; Tel.: (763)-263-0166; Web: