Bear & Son Mini Stiletto Auto Knife

Auto-opening knives are becoming legal in more and more states, including here in New Hampshire. There’s damned little difference between a good assisted-opening knife and and auto-opening knife, and NO difference between an auto-opening knife and a fixed-blade knife. Because so many states have now legalized auto-opening knives, American knife makers have responded with a plethora of new auto knives. Chief among them is Bear & Son Cutlery, which offers nearly 20 auto-opening knives. New for 2018 is the Mini Stiletto (beginning at $117.99). It features a 1-7/8-inch Sanvick 14C28N blade hardened to Rockwell C-Scale 58 to 60, black aluminum scales, and a pocket carry length of 2-13/16 inches on a convenient pocket carry clip. Two other new Mini Stiletto auto-opening knives with longer blades are also offered—including both 4.5 inch and 5.0 inch blades—and additional features at modest additional cost ($141.99 to $151.99.)  For more information, contact Bear & Son Cutlery, Dept. OT; Tel.: (256) 435-2227; Web: