AR500 Armor Lightweight LEVEL III UHMWPE Body Armor

For when ounces count, AR500 Armor’s lightweight, UHMWPE (polyethylene), these NIJ Level III approved body armor panels are what you need. They measure 10” x 12” and weigh a mere 3.3 pounds. Featuring an ergonomic single curve, they are affordable ($320), high performing, comfortable and light weight. Wrapped in 600 Denier nylon cover with edge impact padding, these armor panels are 1.3” thick and carry a 5-year shelf life. NIJ Level III 0101.06 certified armor will stop 7.62×51 M80 at 2,800 FPS,  5.56×45 M193 at 3,150 FPS and a 7.62×39 AK 47 at 2,380 FPS. They also defeat all common pistol cartridges, including the .44 Magnum. Other features include stand-alone and multi-hit capability and positive buoyancy. That doesn’t mean it’s a life jacketbut it does mean that its not going to drag you under it you wind up in the pond. AR500 Armor also offers a wide variety of plate carriers designed for inside or outside the shirt wear. Pricing of the plate carriers starts at $39 and goes into the hundreds depending upon features. Contact AR500 Armor, Dept. OT; Tel.: (602) 501-9607; Web: