Velocity Triggers MPC Trigger and Sentinel Trigger Guard


To install the MPC, simply drop it into place in the lower receiver, push the old trigger pins back into position, tighten down on the threaded “tension plugs” to lock the pins and trigger module into place, and then thread the “stop plugs” on top of the tension plugs to to ensure everything stays locked into position without worry of coming loose.

Installing the guard is easy. Match up your lower and make sure the threaded holes line up. Every “mil-spec” lower is marginally different. If it won’t line up, simply file the guard on the bottom until it does. Once it fits, place it in the lower, install the three screws (don’t cross thread) and you are done. Use thread locker if you feel the need.

The trigger is equally simple. With the shoe removed, drop it in the lower, lining up the trigger and hammer pin holes. Using the supplied Allen wrench, tighten the two threaded trigger pin stops located inside the trigger housing.

Once the trigger module is locked into place you can affix the trigger shoe of your choice using the provided Allen wrench. The Sentinel Trigger Guard is attached via two Allen screws at the rear and one up front.

Don’t go overboard—just enough so they don’t fall out or rotate.  Next, thread the two retention plugs on top of the pin stops you just tightened, included as a measure of insurance that the stops don’t back out. Polymer AR lowers require a stainless-steel shim you can get from Velocity. Lastly, secure the trigger shoe to the trigger via the single Allen screw and you’re are done.


In over ten tests, my 3-pound trigger measured between 3.15 and 3.27 pounds. Now that’s pretty consistent. The trigger shoe of the MPC is placed more forward than typical, allowing the trigger finger to stay low on the trigger. Break is clean and consistent with no creep, stacking, take-up or overtravel.

The last step? Enjoy your newfound trigger performance.

And, three pounds is just about right—light enough for precision work without being too light for personal protection. While not quite as fast as my super-light triggers, it’s close and much more usable outside of a competition environment. Installation is nearly foolproof and the ergonomics are excellent. Priced at $189, retail it is less than many other non-modular drop-in trigger systems, with absolutely no penalty paid in quality, performance consistency or reliability. If you are in the market for a new AR trigger, this definitely needs to be on the list. See your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Velocity Triggers; Tel.: (602) 595-5931; Web: