Velocity Triggers MPC Trigger and Sentinel Trigger Guard

By Dave Bahde

Modular, highly-customizable and excellent-performing, this could be the best bang for the buck in precision AR-15 triggers.

Available in either three or four-pound pull weight’s, Velocity Triggers’ MPC (Marksman’s Performance Choice) trigger combines the convenience of a drop-in trigger group with the modularity of replaceable, extra big 3/8-inch-wide trigger shoes. Aluminum trigger shoes are available in a wide variety of colors (Cerakoted or anodized depending on color), shapes and with either smooth or serrated faces.

Tom Vehr, the owner of Velocity Triggers, has over 30 years in the trigger business. In 2008 he established Vehr Manufacturing and started making triggers of his own design for the AR platform under Velocity Triggers. They’re made from the highest quality components using the latest coatings for corrosion resistance and lubricity. His latest trigger, the MPC, along with its accompanying trigger guard, are designed to fulfill the needs of any AR shooter, for whatever purpose they’re using it for.

To compliment the MPC trigger, Velocity also offers their drop down, 6061 T6 aluminum Sentinel Trigger Guard, in either smooth or cut with a slot or three-hole pattern, and in all of the same colors as the trigger shoes.

Each MPC (Marksman’s Performance Choice) trigger is 100% made in America, and unlike others, has a high degree of modularity/customizability via different size, shape and color replaceable trigger shoes. Hammer, trigger, and disconnector—all conveniently packaged into their own drop-in aluminum housing—are precision machined from tool steel. Its Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating insures longevity and consistency. The  hammer and disconnector are coated using Robar’s NP3, insuring smooth operation, and can be ordered with either a three or four-pound fixed pull weight. Interchangeable, solid-aluminum trigger shoes include curved, straight and straight with a finger stop (small hook at the bottom), with smooth or serrated face, in any one of the seven available colors—all of which can also be ordered separately.

Even for the first-time AR gunsmith, replacing a trigger assembly and trigger guard is not a difficult or time-consuming process. In order to remove the old trigger, the hand grip just be removed to free the safety-selector detent and spring (which is under tension, so remove the grip slowly!) from under the grip’s seat. Then, pull the safety sector out of the left side of the lower receiver, push the two trigger pins out with a punch, and lift the trigger components from the receiver. Done. Trigger guards typically have a roll pin that needs to be punched out at the rear and a ball detent that needs to be depressed to free the front.

The finger-stop shoe requires a curved trigger guard, and if you have a standard AR lower with a detachable trigger guard, Velocity offers their Sentinel lines of guards.  Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum, they come in solid, slotted or with three holes—the latter two allowing you to easily get an Allen wrench up through to change out MPC trigger shoes.

Drop-in trigger modules are not only convenient from an installation standpoint, but they also do not rely on lower-receiver pin spacing being spot-on perfect for optimal trigger function. The MPC features an anodized-green aluminum housing and components coated in either DLC or ROBAR NP3 for lubricity and durability.

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