Tetra ValuPro III Modern Sporting Rifle Cleaning Kit

New from Tetra is the ultra-convenient all-in-one-solution Tetra ValuPro kit cleaning kit for modern sporting rifles (MSRs) chambered in .223 Rem./5.56 NATO. Priced at $24.99, contained in the plastic box is a 2 oz. bottle of Tetra Gun Triple Action solvent, a 10 oz. tube of Tetra Gun Grease, a 19-inch sectional cleaning rod blued for rust protection, and 8-inch fixed-handle chamber rod, double-ended nylon brush, a .22 caliber bronze bore brush that is impervious to copper dissolving solvents, a .22 caliber/5.56 NATO bronze chamber brush, a .22 caliber/ 5.56 NATO cotton chamber mop, a .22 caliber brass jag, a .22 caliber cotton bore mop, .22 caliber-sized cotton patches, a bore guide, a patch holder and a plastic case with see-through, snap-shut cover. In short, everything you need to keep you AR running reliably. The whole package weighs 64 oz. See them at your dealer, or for more information contact Tetra Gun Care; Tel.: (973) 443-0004; Web: www.tetraguncare.com