Revolution Targets Portable Long-Range Torso Frame Target

We use our stock pile of steel targets all the time during reliability testing because of their ability to give us instant feedback, and one company that’s building some really stand-out, fun and well-built designs today is Revolution Targets.


For 2018 Revolution Targets, a subsidiary of Pendleton Safes, has introduced a new Portable Long-Range Torso Frame Target designed for precision rifle shooting at extended ranges. This portable counterpart to the company’s Heavy Duty line, the Long-Range Torso Frame Target features a revolving, 10-inch-diameter reactive hit zone that automatically resets, with a bright red, long-range hit indicator that guarantees positive identification of your shots at extended distances. This red long-range Indicator spins with the target’s hit zone and comes into view whenever the hit zone is struck. The Portable Long-Range Torso Target, frame and all components are made from your choice of AR500 steel thickness; 3/8” (tested) or 1/2”. A replaceable 2×4 wood section serves as the upright, and one pre-cut section is included with each target. We’ve been testing our target for about a three-months now, with an estimated 1,000-plus-rounds of .308 Winchester sent downrange at it, and other than a fresh coat of paint before each range session, it’s no worse for the wear. See the 2018 On Target Editors’ Choice Award winning Portable Long-Range Torso Frame Target ($680 in 3/8” or $820 for 1/2” thick plates), or for more information contact Revolution Targets; Tel.: (770) 466-6181; Web: