Liberty Suppressors Whitetail Integral Rifle System

The ultimate hunting rifle is something short, light, accurate, and where legal, quiet. The new Whitetail Integral Rifle System from Liberty suppressors is built on a Ruger American rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, with a liberty whitetail suppressor integrally attached. The barrel is 17 inches long, and the suppressor is 13.5 inches long, and the combination weighs only a couple of ounces more than the rifle weighed before the modification (6.5 pounds empty), and overall length is only two inches longer than the American Rifle with factory barrel. The Whitetail is easily serviced by the shooter using only a 3/8-inch ratchet. The large suppressor and roomy expansion chamber make this rifle among the quietest (or is that “most quiet”) available. The Whitetail Suppressor is machined from Titanium with a 17-4 stainless steel attachment fitting. Of Course, everything else is pure American rifle, with all the attributes you’ve come to expect from this excellent but inexpensive platform. Pricing on the Whitetail Integral Rifle System was not available at press time, but for $800 Liberty Suppressors will take your own Ruger American rifle and turn it into an integrally suppressed rifle. As long as your existing rifle has a minimum of 6.75 inches of barrel past the front of the forearm, with a barrel diameter of at least 0.675 inches at that point, and is chambered for any short-action caliber, Liberty can build you your own Whitetail integrally suppressed rifle. You’ll be able to read a full feature review in On Target’s annual Fall Hunting issue. Contact Liberty Suppressors; Tel.: (706) 661-6911; Web: