Rival Arms Pistol Components and Accessories

Rival Arms, an advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing operation headquartered in Dallas, Texas, makes premium handgun components that are hand-picked by some of the leading machinists, product designers, material coating specialists and for do-it-yourself firearm enthusiasts to offer the best handgun modifications and upgrades for competition, personal protection, defense service or simply the satisfaction of building a pistol to perform at its peak design potential. All Rival Arms parts—from barrels and coatings to sub-assembly components—are made in the U.S. with the highest-quality materials and manufacturing standards. Both new and experienced shooters are beginning to spend more time on DIY projects and looking to significantly modify their stock pistols,. These “hands-on” shooters demand components that exceed the quality and performance of factory-original parts, and Rival Arms products deliver. Current Rival Arms product lines center around the GLOCK platform—specifically, GLOCK models 19, 17, 22, 23, 34, and 43—with line expansions into other popular handgun platforms in the works Their product lineup includes precision slides, with and without optic accommodations, precision drop-in barrels, threaded and non-threaded,  precision strikers, high-performance guide rod assemblies, slide completion kits, frame pin kits, extended slide locks, two-piece flared magwell assemblies, grip plugs, magazine extensions and Tritium night sights. Contact Rival Arms, via e-mail through their website at www.rival-arms.com