Traditions Crackshot XBR Rifle

Traditions Performance Firearms has just introduced an arrow-launching rifle patented by Traditions. The XBR rifle package comes with two rifles for the price of one. It includes a Crackshot .22 LR caliber rifle with a 16.5” barrel which is designed for small game hunting and plinking. It also comes with the XBR upper which easily swaps onto the Crackshot lower, turning the rifle into the Crackshot XBR. This upper has an inner barrel protected by an outer shroud. Simply slide the hollow end of the included arrow onto the inner barrel and push downward until it meets the end of the barrel. The Crackshot XBR uses a Traditions Firebolt 2216 16-inch arrow made from aluminum. Next, break open the rifle and place a Traditions XBR Powerload .27 caliber blank in the chamber, close the gun, remove the safety and fire at your target. The Crackshot XBR is extremely accurate and can reach velocities up to 385 f.p.s.. The arrow is pulled from the front instead of pushed from the rear so it maintains a steady trajectory. This gun has low recoil, is lightweight and has a very low decibel output when fired. The Crackshot XBR is perfect for adults, youth or anyone who is disabled or has limited arm strength . . . and really fun to shoot for all. This break-action design comes with a back synthetic stock and forearm, a forearm-mounted 3-arrow quiver and three Firebolt 2216 arrows. Available at your dealer later in the spring, pricing was not available at press time. Contact Traditions Performance Firearms; Tel.: (860) 388-4656; Web: