Cimarron “El Malo 2” 1873 Colt Single-Action Army Revolver

Cimarron Firearms, a leader in authentic replica firearms from America’s Old West, has just introduced a new, octagonal barreled, single-action six-shooter chambered in .45 Long Colt, the default cowboy cartridge following its introduction in 1872. This is not a black powder revolver, but rather a modern update of the fabled Colt Single-Action Army designed to fire modern smokeless-powder .45 Long Colt ammunition. “El Malo” is Spanish for the “The Bad”. The El Malo 2 is designed by Cimarron and manufactured by Pietta in Italy, which is noted for producing replica firearms of notable authenticity, quality and reliability. The El Malo 2 continues on that same path with a few nice upgrades. As noted, this new model from Cimarron is chambered in .45 Long Colt, an extremely popular and surprisingly powerful cartridge which is easy to find, easy to shoot and affordable to purchase for hunting, shooting or cowboy action competition. The revolver features a beautifully color case hardened frame, 4-3/4-inch octagonal barrel, fixed iron front sight and frame-notch, 1880-style rear sight. The action is smooth, the trigger is crisp and the low-wide competition hammer makes it easy and pleasurable to shoot. It comes standard with a one-piece, finely checkered walnut grip with a laser-carved Cimarron Rider logo and provides a hand-pleasing hold. Bryce Wayt, VP of operations at Cimarron, says “Cimarron will be adding a .357/38 Special version, a variety of barrel lengths and a Thunderer style birdshead gripped model in the very near future.” The El Malo 2 has an MSRP of $760.50. For more information contact Cimarron Firearms Co.; Tel.: (877) 749-4861; Web: