Springfield Armory XD(M) OSP Threaded Barrel/Liberty Centurion Suppressor

XD(M) pistols are comfortable in the hand, accurate and reliable, offering some of the least recoil for caliber. The new XD(M) OSP (Optics Ready Pistol) with a threaded barrel meets the ever-growing call for suppressor-capable pistols with a red dot sight. This 9mm comes equipped with both 5.3-inch threaded and 4.5-inch unthreaded barrels.

The XD(M) OSP comes fitted with a 5.30-inch, Melonite-coated hammer-forged-steel barrel threaded to 1/2×28 at the muzzle. Large, serrated magazine release, slide stop and takedown lever are XD(M) strong suits.

Mounting plates are included to fit seven different red dot sights and can be ordered with a Vortex Venom installed. Black (no dots) suppressor sights are included, along with two 19-round magazines. Interchangeable back straps get you the perfect fit and the one-piece guide rod keeps recoil to a minimum.


My test pistol shipped with the Vortex Venom RDS with a 3-MOA dot. Made from aluminum, it holds up to recoil and the multicoated lens provides a clean and clear field of view. The single CR 1632 battery is replaced from the top, with no need to remove the sight. Windage and elevation can be adjusted in 1-MOA increments using a small screwdriver. Intensity is changed using buttons on the left side of the sight. At just 1.9 ounces it adds very little weight to the pistol.

At just 1.9 ounces, the included Vortex Venom red-dot sight (also available without) adds very little weight to the pistol. Also included are a set of all-black-serrated suppressor-height night sights.

Liberty Suppressors’ Centurion is one of the most consistently reliable pistol suppressors I’ve tested. Titanium keeps it light, while the stainless core keeps it strong and easy to clean. Designed to be disassembled for cleaning when using rimfire or most 9mm it is easy to reassemble. At 12.5 ounces (including the booster) its heavier than some, but that’s what makes it work so well. Different piston modules allow use on several thread patterns. Overall length is 6.5 inches and its 1.375-inch diameter makes it perfect for pistols without suppressor sights. With a retail at only $525, including the booster, it is an excellent buy. 

Range Time

All ammo tested grouped under two inches at 25 yards, the most accurate being the Ammo Inc USA 147-grain subsonic at 1.55 inches. It shoots so softly it was just much easier to stay on target and it ran suppressed making it even easier. In the self-defense loads, the pistol really liked the Federal 124-grain +P HST, producing roughly the same group at 25 yards and about 3 inches or so at 50 yards. Longer-range accuracy is one of the clear benefits of an RDS, and the Vortex Venom made it pretty easy to stay dialed in at 50 yards.

Along with a second non-threaded barrel, you’ll get three interchangeable back straps get you the perfect fit and two stainless-steel 19-round magazines with the OSP package.

This was the first of several pistol/suppressor tests where everything ran, suppressed or not, including the 147-grain subsonics and some practice 115-grain. There were no malfunctions or stoppages with anything. Low-power ammunition only ejected about a foot, but it always ejected no matter how fast I pulled the trigger. Changing red dots is pretty easy, and the pistol comes with a cover plate for use without one, meaning you can configure this pistol a number of different ways.

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