Black Hills 110-gr, TSX.300 Blackout Ammunition

Black Hills Ammunition has developed a new, devastating .300 Blackout round for AR-15 rifles and pistols. Using a Barnes 110-gr. TTSX (Tipped TSX) bullet, and fired from a 6.5-inch barreled SIG Sauer MCX, this load createed a temporary wound cavity diameter of 4.625 inches and a temporary wound cavity length of 9.375 inches—way more than enough to put any bad guy down for the count with a center of mass hit, and punch his ticket with a head shot. The Barnes TTSX develops 1,955 f.p.s. muzzle velocity, measured at a 12-foot distance from the muzzle to the block of ballistic gelatin.

This projectile was designed with a long ogive to ensure smooth and positive feeding even from full 30 round magazines. It expands immediately upon impact and retains nearly 100% of its weight, penetrating to desired depths of 18-plus inches. It also performs well through tough barriers, such as car doors and windshields, making it very suitable for law enforcement use. Used in a hunting capacity, it provides superior performance against everything from whitetails to monster hogs. Weight retention of the TTSX bullet 107.4 grains with an expanded diameter of 0.664 inches. This may be the best available choice for short-range personal defense with that cartridge. Pricing was not available at press time. Contact Black Hills Ammunition; Tel.: (605) 348-5150; Web: