CCI MeatEater .22 Ammunition

MeatEater’s Steven Rinella relies on high-quality rimfire ammunition to put small game on his plate. That’s why CCI has partnered with this renowned conservationist, chef, author and hunter on an exclusive new line of ammunition, featuring CCI’s proven Copper-22, Mini-Mag and Maxi-Mag loads. MeatEater is offered in CCI’s Copper-22 line of .22LR with a 21-grain copper hollow-point bullet at 1,850 f.p.s ($10.99 per 50), their Mini-Mag .22LR with a 36-grain copper-plated hollow-point bullet at 1,260 f.p.s.($28.99 per 300) and the Maxi-Mag .22 WMR with a 40-grain jacketed hollow-point bullet at 1,875 f.p.s. ($59.99 per 200). All Meat Eater .22 caliber ammunition offers accurate, reliable performance on small game and varmints, clean-burning propellants, reliable cycling and surefire CCI priming. Contact CCI Ammunition; Tel.: (866) 286-7436; Web: