Springfield Armory® Offers B5 Systems Furniture on Select SAINT® Models

Springfield Armory® Offers B5 Systems Furniture on Select SAINT® Models

GENESEO, ILL. (05/21/20) – Springfield Armory® is now outfitting select SAINT® models with furniture from B5 Systems, a highly respected producer of military-grade gear and supplier for U.S. military contracts. The B5 Systems furniture is featured on select SAINT and SAINT Victor firearms and is available now, in addition to the original offerings equipped with BCM furniture.

In the SAINT Victor line, purpose-built with performance upgrades for professional grade reliability, both the 5.56mm SAINT Victor Pistol and 5.56mm SAINT Victor Rifle are now being offered with B5 Systems gear. Both models feature B5 Systems’ enhanced Type 23 P-Grip pistol grip and enlarged polymer trigger guard, and the SAINT Victor Rifle in 5.56mm features the B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD Stock.

In addition to the Victor line, the SAINT Pistol and SAINT Rifle are also getting B5 Systems enhancements. Both models feature the company’s pistol grip and trigger guard, and additionally are equipped with the B5 Systems’ Hand Guard — offered now for the first time with M-Lok® slots. These slim composite handguards feature built-in stamped steel heat shields and excellent ergonomics. The SAINT Rifle is equipped with the B5 Systems Bravo Stock.

The Springfield Armory original SAINT disrupted the AR-15 market when it launched in 2016, providing quality features and value in a lightweight, ready out-of-the-box platform. The addition of the purpose-built Victor line further enhanced the company’s AR-style offerings.

B5 Systems is an industry-leading accessories engineering company with a dynamic history of supplying U.S. military and aerospace manufacturing. Their rugged components provide the reliability you expect and deserve in your firearm on duty, in the field, and for your personal protection.

SAINT® 5.56, M-LOK® AR-15 Rifle, B5  |  ST916556B-B5


SAINT® 5.56 AR-15 PISTOL, B5  |  ST9096556BM-B5


 SAINT® VICTOR 5.56 AR-15 RIFLE, B5  |  STV916556B-B5


 SAINT® VICTOR 5.56 AR-15 PISTOL, B5  |  STV975556B-B5


For more information about the Springfield Armory models featuring B5 Systems furniture, please visit: www.springfield-armory.com.

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