McMillan Z-1 Fully Adjustable Rifle Stock

Available in right- and left-handed configurations, the new Z-1 Fully Adjustable rifle stock from McMillan ($941.99) features a universal inlet which allows it to accommodate a wide variety of Remington-type actions, and a universal barrel channel to fit most any barrel contour. The stock also has a low top line to eliminate the need for bolt release inlets and port cuts. The Z-1’s ergonomic grip and built in thumb-shelf help optimize hand placement for trigger control and comfort. Other features include a bottom-mounted 6-inch McMillan Picatinny rail for attaching a bipod, buttpad spacer system with upgraded 1-inch thick, recoil absorbing Pachmayr Decelerator pad (length of pull is adjustable from 13.5– to 15 inches), quick-adjust, clampbar adjustable cheek piece, three flush mount cups located on the left side and bottom rear and aluminum bedding pillars installed. Contact McMillan Fiberglass Stocks; Tel.: (623) 582-0536; Web: