FDNY firefighter Tim Duffy was off work the day of September 11, 2001, but when he realized what was going on, he donned his firefighter gear and rode his 2000 Super Glide Sport into lower Manhattan to help out. He made it to the base of the south tower of the World Trade Center as it began to collapse and the force of the building crashing down buried him in debris. He freed himself, only thinking of others who’d also been victims of the terrorist attack. That day he helped save people who’d been seriously injured, commandeering a truck and driving back and forth to Ground Zero to assist wherever he could. Duffy retired due to health problems from breathing in the toxic dust, and now helps first responders and veterans with PTSD through the organization he founded, 1 Soldier 1 Dog 1 Team. Duff is a true American hero.
(Photo by Allen Tannenbaum)
Firefighter Tim Duffy arrives downtown on his Harley after first tower collapse, 9/11/2001.