Meprolight Foresight

Meprolight Foresight

by Dave Bahde


The most-advanced carbine optic in existence?  

 Sighting systems have seen incredible changes over the years. As the next generation of shooters commands the market, you are starting to see the integration of smartphone technology with greater frequency. No surprise, given how integral they are to most people these days, and as phones have improved in durability, battery life, and ease of integration, it’s an aspect of the shooter’s life that will only continue to grow. With a screen more like a heads-up display and integration with the Double Shoot phone application, Meprolight’s Foresight is a prime example. Bluetooth capable, USB rechargeable and with an augmented screen including real time data and multiple reticles, for many this is the future of rifle sighting systems.

The clear, high-transparency optics — as seen through the sight’s large 33x20mm viewing window — not only have the capability of displaying the reticle but also battery status, a digital compass, a sight roll indicator, a shot counter and magazine bullet countdown and your Bluetooth connection. Reticle brightness can be controlled manually or automatically and the sight features motion-sensing technology.
The large, front-mounted control pad gains you manual access to all of the Foresight’s functions. In place of a standard replaceable battery, the Foresight uses a sealed rechargeable battery that allows charging with a standard USB-C cable (included).

Meprolight Foresight

The Foresight is accurately described as an “augmented red dot sight.” Rather than just a dot or circle-dot you are provided multiple reticles in a display that includes real time data, like your level and compass position in degrees. Green reticles are easy on the eyes with manually-adjustable or automatic intensity and five available reticles at any given time. Link the Foresight with Double Shoot and you have over 20 reticles, along with a simple zeroing method, shot counter, and the ability to store multiple rifle profiles. If you are smartphone savvy, this all will be very intuitive; if not, it might seem a bit complex. Multiple profiles can be stored for multiple weapon platforms, and when swapping the optic from gun-to-gun, simply choose the previously recorded weapon and your zero is changed to match. The battery is rechargeable via the included USB cable.

A dual, adjustable throw lever mounting system, coupled with a center Picatinny recoil lug, creates a strong and secure mounting interface with the weapon.

Range Time

Our primary test rifle was the new-for-2020 IWI Zion 15. With dual, adjustable throw levers, mounting the Foresight to any Picatinny base is simple and it co-witnesses like most any AR optic with the appropriate cheek height. Moving between weapon systems, it worked well on all without the need of a cheek riser. Pressing the power button twice gets you the main menu where you can zero, set up the compass and cycle through the various reticles.

Linking the sight to the Meprolight app via Bluetooth, you’re able to choose your profile based on the host weapon. Downloading the Double Shoot app allows for multiple profiles.



Five different reticles are available to choose from in the Meprolight app. The Double Shoot app opens the door to 20.

Zeroing was pretty simple—both ways you’re able to accomplish this. By manual means, simply shoot a group, moving impact in the reticle as needed using the buttons based on what you see. By means of the additional Double Shoot cell phone application, you take a picture of the target, shoot a group and take another picture, and then the app determines the adjustments for you. Once zeroed it operates like any other RDS—just with more information. The Double Shoot app also adds a shot counter and the ability to regularly update the firmware.

Weapon zeroing can be done digitally through the Meprolight app or manually via the sight’s keypad.
Downloading the supplemental Double Shoot app gains you access to automatic digital zeroing and firmware updates.

Bluetooth connected easily, but you will need to make sure you charge the sight periodically. Testing at dusk and in broad daylight, the automatic intensity seemed to work fine, with no need to adjust manually. The display overall is pretty easy on the eyes and the battery level was barely nudged after a solid day on the range. The large viewing screen provides an excellent field of view, and the extra data is pretty useful at longer ranges. Shooting at the 300-meter steel was noticeably easier, and the ability to choose anything from a simple dot to ranging or BDC reticles provides quite a bit of versatility.

Bottom Line

Construction is high quality, commensurate with most higher quality RDS. It’s a tad larger than most, but not so much so that it’s a problem. If a high level of technology is not what you’re looking for, this is probably not for you. Everyone else will most certainly appreciate the phone integration, features and options that the Foresight brings to the table. See the Meprolight Foresight at your nearest dealer, or for more info. contact Meprolight; Tel.: (717) 985-4488; E-mail: [email protected]; Web:

  • Magnification: 1X
  • Display Window: 33x20mm
  • Reticle Patterns: 5
  • Click Size: 1 MOA
  • Zeroing Travel: + or – 60 MOA
  • Power Supply: 5V Rechargeable / USB-C port
  • Min. Operating Time (Battery Powered): 50 hours
  • Operating Temperatures: -4 F to +140 F
  • Storage Temperatures: -40 F to +158 F
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.6” x 2.35” x 2.68”
  • Weight: 9.9 Ounces
  • Retail: $769.99


Very durable, and with more bells and whistles than any other carbine optic in existence, for tech savvy shooters, the Meprolight Foresight will represent an extremely interesting option.