Black Hills Ammunition 300 Whisper Loads

Black Hills Ammunition 300 Whisper Loads (From $35)

Black Hills is constantly at the forefront of legitimate ammunition development. While everyone else is struggling to obtain components to load legacy ammunition, Black Hills continues to innovate. New for 2021 BHA is releasing, among other loads, a pair of new 300 Blackout loads under its Dual Performance line; the 115-grain supersonic and a trick, expanding 198-grain subsonic load that we are very excited about. Traditionally, subsonic 300BLK loads impacted targets like spicy .45 ACP FMJ loads. This new 198-grain load not only expands to provide solid terminal performance after expansion, but three expanded petals separate from the shank of the projectile to cut three separate wound tracks — further increasing terminal effectiveness. This is achieved thanks to CNC machined solid copper projectiles designed and produced by Lehigh Defense for Black Hills. For more information contact Black Hills Ammunition; Tel.: (605)348-5150; web: